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Bridal Shower Packages

A bridal shower is a time to celebrate new chapter of the life. We can help you with invitations, decor, food, and activities. Special pricing may be required.

Party BOOM BRIDAL Shower Package Ask (for the price)

•    Package is for 10 adults. $25 for each additional person. 20 adults maximum.

•    2.5 hours for celebration. 15 minutes for setup. 30 minutes clean up.

•    Ask about bridal shower tea party (Special pricing may be required)

What is included in the price:

•    Ask about personalized items, invitations, thank you cards and other decorations.


•    You may bring your own cake, cupcakes, refreshments, food and utensil's.  

•    $100 deposit is required upon booking. Non- Refundable.

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